Wednesday, 25 June 2014

GeTTinG ExCiTinG

One parcel is all ready for the mailman to deliver in July.

Remember packages shouldn't go out until July 15th...or perhaps a little earlier if mailing a long way away or overseas...But someone is extra organised having it ready now. Wonder where it will be heading off to?????
Lookout Santa you may have some stiff

And if you want to hear something funny... I honestly don't remember who is sending to me... & I refuse to look at the list... so even the SWaP MaMa is in the dark about who her partner

Opening day is July 25th 
so only 1 month to go....

Sunday, 1 June 2014


are being stalked all over blogland I'm sure... & how much FuN is it !!!
All details have gone out via emails so mark a few dates on your diary.
Mailing out packages to your secret partner...  July 15th
Opening packages from your ssshhh partner... July 25th

Remember...NO NAMES on the OUTside of your packages...
you can be... Mrs Claus...or An Elf... or Santa... or similiar....
just make sure you put your name inside!

... Ho hO HO ho ...