Wednesday, 25 June 2014

GeTTinG ExCiTinG

One parcel is all ready for the mailman to deliver in July.

Remember packages shouldn't go out until July 15th...or perhaps a little earlier if mailing a long way away or overseas...But someone is extra organised having it ready now. Wonder where it will be heading off to?????
Lookout Santa you may have some stiff

And if you want to hear something funny... I honestly don't remember who is sending to me... & I refuse to look at the list... so even the SWaP MaMa is in the dark about who her partner

Opening day is July 25th 
so only 1 month to go....


  1. lol thats to funny,what a lovely surprise you will get when you open your parcel Chez,this box looks awesome full of goodies.xx

  2. Someone certainly is organised! I'm getting there.

  3. Exciting stuff! Looks good. I have nearly finished my last item, then I can have fun wrapping my pressies up pretty.

  4. How nice that you are also getting a surprise Mama...

  5. So does that mean the person we are sending to isn't who we are receiving from

    1. That's right Jo... I like to keep you in suspense.... right until the last possible moment!!!

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  7. Eeeeeeeeeeek mine is sent already (due to work annual leave) AND I forgot to take a photo!!!!