Thursday, 31 July 2014

FouR To ArriVe

Four Two ALL ladies are waiting for have received their parcels to arrive.
I know they are ALL on their way... but either the mailman or the postal service is being S-L-O-W.

Unfortunately one dear friend lost a loved one so she is running understandably late... but that's OK with her partner. I think she is wonderful for completing the swap... Hugs to you!

Wasn't this a fun swap... and...
I'm very HaPPy to announce it will be back in 2015!
Thank you to all the ladies who joined in this year.

I'll keep this blog up to please let me know when your SLOW parcel arrives...


  1. thankyou swap muma for putting so much fun in blogland,you do an awesome job my friend.xx

  2. I hope the presents arrive soon.

  3. Hope the postie arrives soon for those waiting. Hugs.....

  4. Well done to everyone. This was fun. Thanks to Cheryll for hosting it