Thursday, 16 July 2015

DiD YoU MaiL ?

Your 3 gifts to your partner?

They all had to go out YESTERDAY... at the latest... so fingers crossed the mailman has them all in his hot little hand... so to speak...

Please email me or leave a comment once you RECEIVE your parcel... that way I can mark you off the list. I already have a few ladies marked as received on the sidebar... so please check your name.
I realise that my name will remain unmarked until I get home again... but that's OK... I'll get to enjoy my Christmas in July later ...HoHoHo

* * * * *

I'll have a link up on July 26th...
for anyone who wants to show off what they received in this swap...


  1. Hi Chez i have received and Kim has my parcel,how exciting ,love this swap xx

  2. I don't know if that last comment I done went through, but I have received and have sent. Should be arriving this time next week

  3. I received mine from Peg and have sent mine to Illene

  4. Yes I have received mine too!

  5. I have also received & sent.

  6. I received mine today, my parcel should arrive *somewhere* tomorrow.